Candice Iloh

Alleged is a poem inspired by and developed from a Facebook status posted by poet and professor Tony Medina. The original post was responding to the surfacing of video footage in which a young woman, who had been drugged, is being molested publicly on a beach with several witnesses standing around. No one is intervening. In fact, there appears to be some young men standing guard of the altercation. There was very little coverage and very little public outrage. Medina posted the article with a caption that I used to shape an erasure poem reducing the post to a few select words illustrating a way in which hatred for women and rape culture manifests itself in everyday settings and behaviors of this time. 

Candice Iloh is a creative writer and artist-educator residing in Brooklyn, NY whose writing has appeared in Fjords Review, The Grio, For Harriet, and elsewhere. A VONA fellowship recipient and Home School Lambda Literary Fellow, Candice also contributes to Lambda Literary and The Black Youth Project.  She is a new MFA candidate in Writing for Young People and Poetry at Lesley University and is currently working on her first full-length young adult project in verse.  When not writing or teaching, you can find her in a dance class in Bedstuy and at