Tom Healy

the HOME SCHOOL- Tom Healy

Tom Healy’s latest collection of poems, “Animal Spirits” is tattooed on his left arm. His firstbook, “What the Right Hand Knows,” was a finalist for the 2009 LA Times Book Prize and Lambda Literary Award. But no tattoo. A collection of Tom’s essays about artists and writers, “Not Untrue, Not Unkind,” will be published this fall. Tattoo decision forthcoming. Tom is the chairman of the Fulbright Scholarship Board, which oversees the Fulbright scholars program worldwide. He is also a Harriet Monroe Fellow of the Poetry Foundation, where he is co-editing an anthology of 20th century American poetry with Adam Fitzgerald and a book of essays and archival material on John Ashbery’s home in Hudson, NY with Karin Roffman. Each summer, he is a visiting writer at the New York State and Port Townsend, WA Writers Institutes. (Art Talks Coordinator)