Mira Gonzalez


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Mira Gonzalez is an American poet from Los Angeles, California. Her first collection, I will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together, was published by Spencer Madsen of Sorry House press on January 31, 2013. According to one source, she writes about "drugs, sex, loneliness, laziness, recklessness, self-loathing" in an "extremely humorous and warm manner." A review in Rumpus magazine described the book as about "disconnected sex, anxiety, loneliness, drugs, and depression" but with "cool, effervescent, and clear" observations. In one poem, according to reviewer Emily Bludworth de Barrios, Gonzalez repeats a sequence of words for emphasis, sometimes called in poetry anaphora, to emphasize emotion. According to reviewer Liza Darwin in Nylon magazine, Gonzalez is part of a "whole new crop of cool girl poets" and described her work as "clever, totally unfiltered, and peppered with twisted insight and refreshing humor." Dazed & Confused magazine chose it as their poetry book of the week, averring that "Mira Gonzalez is a phenomenon of the same breed as Tao Lin: she might actually be the only literary social media presence more prolific and more intense." In March 2014 it was announced that Gonzalez's collection is a finalist for The Believer Poetry Award. A review described her writing as having "brutal honesty and minimalist vocabulary and diction." A review in Economy magazine described her poems as having a "studied laboriousness" which was "weirdly compelling." Filmmaker and screenwriter Lena Dunham wrote in The Guardian that Gonzalez's book I will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together was one of her favorite books for 2014, and that it brings "experimental poetry into the internet age with dark, distinctly female riffs on ambition, depression and love." Gonzalez has been published in Vice, Hobart, and Muumuu House. Flavorwire named her one of "23 People Who Will Make You Care About Poetry in 2013."